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Cup Competition 2010


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All players who registered their interest, have been placed into one of three groups for each Cup, according to Ranking Points achieved to date and will play each other on a mini league basis.


The winner from each group, plus the one highest scoring runner up, will then progress on to the semi finals, which are scheduled for Wednesday & Thursday 19th & 20th May and the Finals on Sunday 23rd May. Matches will be played best of 5 games with P.A.R.scoring (point a rally) to 15 (same as the Hull & District league). Players will be awarded 1 point for turning up, 1 point for each game won, 1 point for winning the match and a bonus point for winning the match 3-0. i.e.

Match Score / Points awarded:

3 - 0 = 6 - 1 / 3 - 1 = 5 - 2 / 3 - 2= 5 - 3


Players will also be awarded 4 bonus points for completing all their matches in a group.


Matches should be arranged with your opponent at the venue according to the table at the bottom of the message.


Please contact your opponents to arrange your matches and make every effort to play them all. There are only a maximum of FIVE to play and you have six weeks in which to do so.


Player's contact numbers and/or e-mail addresses where supplied, have been distributed to all Captains, so that matches can be arranged accordingly. (However, full contact details will NOT be loaded on the web-site, for security reasons) If no contact details are available for any particular player, you should contact that player's team captain whose details are on the Club/Team page of the web-site.


Results should be emailed, with full details of date played and score, to were they will be recorded and updated weekly onto the website.


Good luck, play safely and above all, E N J O Y !


FIXTURE VENUES as follows:-

Player-1 vs Player-2 = Player-1 is @ Home & Player-2 is Away

P1 vs P3 = P1 is Away & P3 @ Home

P1 vs P4 = P1 @ Home & P4 is Away

P1 vs P5 = P1 is Away & P5 @ Home

P1 vs P6 = P1 @ Home & P6 is Away

P2 vs P3 = P2 @ Home & P3 is Away

P2 vs P4 = P2 is Away & P4 @ Home

P2 vs P5 = P2 @ Home & P5 is Away

P2 vs P6 = P2 is Away & P6 @ Home

P3 vs P4 = P3 @ Home & P4 is Away

P3 vs P5 = P3 is Away & P5 @ Home

P3 vs P6 = P3 @ Home & P6 is Away

P4 vs P5 = P4 @ Home & P5 is Away

P4 vs P6 = P4 is Away & P6 @ Home

P5 vs P6 = P5 @ Home & P6 is Away



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